Combined truths

The SUN see’s your Body.

The MOON see’s your Soul.



I keep telling myself thing’s will change

How can they?

After everything that was done?

These walls hold painful reminders

Times of hate and regret

So many tears have stained these halls

Yet they ask me to stay..

How can I after everything?

Missing you

Days like this I miss you most

When the road is hard

To the point of breakdown

When I just need a hug

The only kind you can give

Its days like this when I miss you most.

Earthly end

It is the end

He spoke so softly

Yet so boldly

As if He had known me

I suppose in a way he did

This shadow upon the world

Always watching

Yet never heard

At least not until

The bell rings for you

It was than that you hear

The voice of the shadow upon the earth


Once long ago

I lived in such a beautiful place

Surrounded by those I loved

It’s all I could have wanted

But the darkness came

Destroying us all

Fire’s burned

Life’s forever destroyed

I look back to remember

To feel less sad

But sorrow is the devil

And this is hell