The Wound I Bleed


Losing someone is hard enough, but living without them is like a living tomb within the soul forever marked by the moment. Never fully healing, but rather reliving day by day . 


A Fade Within me

There are memories within me

around me, so much so that they seem to haunt me  

Buried deep within the very core of who I used to be and who I am

Is a truth so dark and twisted I don’t know where to begin?

Haunting images of the ones I’ve lost

Their faces so vivid,

 almost as if they still lived and never died

 if I could once more reach out to them

But alas I know this story has a terrible end

 When I grasp through the night air

I feel only the emptiness within me touching darkness around me

It has shaped me you see

Built who I am today

No longer do I pretend to be something I am not

I  am  just as fate has made me

The Journey


How far have we actually come?

When we still struggle to remain sane.

In the final hour we see red,

It’s an endless battle.

speeches, movements

 war’s and freedom fighters.

men and women from our past

are rolling in their graves

as another hate crime is made

brother’s sister’s we are all one

please don’t divide but let us remain same!

 they fought for us, ALL OF US

to keep our world centered

 is this how we repay?

Words and hate

It’s all written in red

Let us not divide

But instead throw out the words

And bring peace instead.

Let the battles of the past

Stay where they belong

Buried within a crypt sealed by fate

Let history be not of anger and scorn

But of a deeper lesson to be learned.

That all are equal and all are same.

Together we stride,

And apart we fall.


I used to think you were the one in a million

That you would be my shelter, my home.

The kind of soul that could relate to this dysfunctional one.

Put together the broken reminisce of the hearts core.

Oh, how foolish we can be, when love takes its toll.

Like a puppet with strings, it pulled at my heart.

How foolish I must have been,

To believe in what you were selling

But now I know

You’re not the one in a million

I’m still searching*